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Marrying breath and movement with the benefits of the healing herb, Cannabis.

Whether you desire to find a deeper connection to your practice, enhance the calming benefits of yoga or just have a fun alternative to your group activity or event, GanjYoga can be the experience for you.  Inquire to see what workshop works best for you and book today!

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Breathwork Workshops

bringing the benefits of cannabis to help deepen the connection with breath control and awareness.

Pass the Dutchie Pranayama workshops are geared to explore the many different methods of breath control and how they benefit different facets of your well being. Incorporating cannabis into our breathwork practice, pranayama, we can find new ways to connect to the breath.


    Yoga Nidra and Soundbath

    Experience a new way to refresh and balance

    Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, typically induced by a guided meditation. Be lulled to a place of deep relaxation and rest as Tracy guides you though a series of meditations focused on clearing and restoring your chakral system followed by crystal bowl sound bath.

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      Mudras, Malas and MaryJane

      A fun and creative group activity

      Join Tracy on a journey thru the more popular mudras, the symbolic hand postures used in yoga to help promote direction of prana through the body, and create your own mala bead necklace to use in all of your meditation practices.  Learn what each mudra means, their significance and benefits.  Create your mala necklace with intention while leaning about the different meanings and focus of the stones used.  This workshop is followed by a breathwork meditation and sound bath.

        Smoke and Flow

        Slow Flow with a high vibe

        Tune into your body, dive deeper and listen to its cues.  Flow through a slow flow vinyasa that will leave you energized, focused and ready for the day ahead.  Practice is concluded with a group smoke session and community gathering.

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