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There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path. -Buddha


Are you curious about yoga and its benefits?  

Have you ever wanted to begin a yoga practice but didn't have time to commit to a studio and their schedule?

Does your studio need an instructor to help expand your class offerings?

Do you want to try Yoga but with recent safety precautions are unable to attend in person studio classes?  

Would rather enjoy a private session rather than a class practice?

Then you have arrived at a great place! 

Yoga Fire Yoga Flame provides alternative Holistic services right to you and offers a variety of Yoga classes through online platforms when you want and need them.  Whether you decide to practice by following along with our free online sequences offered on our FB page (@YFYFyoga), attend our scheduled FB Live group classes thru our FB Group (Yoga Fire Yoga Flame Kula), would like to practice in person at the studios or events where we are honored to teach (Zoom available at some studios) or book one of our tenured yoga instructors for private sessions, our goal is to meet our students where they are. 

YFYF offers different holistic approaches to healing, aligning with the basic principles of yoga including sound healing, guided meditations, CBD pairing, mindful breathing and of course....the postures.

Find us on FB and IG @YFYFYoga to be in the know of upcoming events and workshops near you! 

Feel free to contact us directly at YogaFlame1979@gmail.com to begin your journey now! 


"As I am so are others.  As others are, so am I."




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