GanjYoga Workshop

Yoga Fire Yoga Flame's signature event where we marry the benefits of Yoga and cannabis in a full yoga class consisting of strain pairing, pranayama, asana, relaxation and meditation. We pride ourselves in this event's cultivation and know you will enjoy this one of a kind yoga experience.
GanjYoga Workshop

Time & Location

August 2021
Location is TBD

About the Event

Wether you currently enjoy the benefits of cannabis or are just curious, we safely and intently pair various strains of cannabis plants to create a full holistic healing experience.  If you yearn to be more aware of being in the moment with your body, or would like to transcend to higher planes being the observer in meditation, we have a pairing for that!  

Bring your practice to a higher heights as the ancient yogis did, thousands of years ago.

Our GanjYoga practices allow you to open the doors of spiritual bliss and bring you closer to your true self through the natural benefits that cannabis provides:

-relieve inflammation in joints and muscles

-relieve stress and anxiety

-promote more restful sleep

-lower blood pressure and increase oxygen in the blood

Try this unique yoga experience today!

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